Session Information

Typical sessions last one hour unless we are shooting a wedding, baby/toddler or have multiple outfit changes. Mini sessions only last 30 minutes and are difficult to do with large groups.

It takes about two weeks for me to return your edited images on CD or send them to your Dropbox. For a wedding, it will take 6-9 weeks because of the volume of images.

Locations are varied and we can discuss your preferences (indoor/outdoor, rural/urban etc.) If you do not have a specific location in mind I will help you choose a spot that is right for your photo needs.

Ponce-Pore-26Time of day will largely be dictated by availability of everyone involved in the shoot, but ideally the ‘golden hour’ for lighting is very early or about 1 1/2 hours before sunset. City lights can add interesting lighting to a night session as well.  The least desirable time to take photos is high-noon because it creates hard shadows on the face and a lot of squinting.

Ask me about my new Life-style sessions, either indoors or outdoors. These sessions are more casual than the traditional photo shoot. They will include a few posed shots but will mostly be you doing whatever makes you YOU or whatever makes your family YOUR FAMILY. We can discuss a few activities to have planed out like dancing, playing music, fishing, tickling, playing games, playing on the playground, cooking, building a fire, etc.

Small Children– yes it is difficult to get some children to both smile AND look at the camera, especially if there are multiple small children all at once. One toy and one family member can be helpful but more than that becomes a confusing distraction. You may want to bring along a snack that doesn’t crumble or drip like white marshmallows.

Props- I like using props whenever possible. They add interest and individuality to the session. They can represent you and your personality like a book or basketball or just be fun additions like a parasol. Ask me about it if you are interested.

Email me with any other questions you might have.